Fatuma Zarika in action (photo courtesy)

Former World Boxing Council super-bantamweight champion Fatuma Zarika (pictured) is ready for more professional matches next season. 

Zarika said she is ready for at least three fights next season and possibly a rematch against World Boxing Council super bantamweight champion Yamileth Mercado of Mexico.

Zarika, 36, who is undergoing light training to maintain her fitness said she is still strong enough to compete in professional fights.

“You can’t stop people from talking whatever they want about you,” Zarika told Standard Sports.

 “Despite of all these nonsense, my focus is to prepare for my next three matches, which should be the turning point in my career. But the truth is I’m still energetic and ready to face serious opponents and those peddling lies that I’m a spent force are in a for a rude shock.”

Zarika said she is ready to face Mercado (of Mexico) if given the chance and win back the title.


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