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Yvette Obura-It Took Her Four Years To Heal After Breakup With Bahati
Yvette Obura-It Took Her Four Years To Heal After Breakup With Bahati

Yvette Obura-It Took Her Four Years To Heal After Breakup With Bahati

Singer Bahati’s child mother Yvette Obura is opening up on her recuperating venture since parting ways with the artiste.

Yvette says it required her four years to continue on and in the end, move past her resentment with her child daddy Bahati and Diana Marua.

Speaking on Diana Marua’s Youtube channel, she says the recuperating system was harsh since their girl Mueni was a year old and she was all the while combating post-pregnancy depression.

According to the two, they say their fans required the meeting to connect with their story and to find out about co-parenting.

“No sideshows however for co-nurturing purposes,” Yvette put a disclaimer

After the separation, Yvette says Bahati immediately continued on and she possibly learned about Diana Marua through web-based entertainment when he presented her as his ‘prayer partner’.

“The first time I found out about you was via online entertainment when you posted about petitioning heaven accomplices. I was like, which! Around then, I was not on talking conditions with Bahati despite the fact that he was in the image from when Mueni was conceived and en route we had our issues and we broke up,” Yvette said.

“I am simply from a separation, I considered how quick he met a young lady to date,” she said adding that she began following Diana on Social media attempting to figure out who she was.”

Mama Mueni noticed that she trusted Bahati would take as much time as necessary and permit her to mend prior to continuing on which was not the case.

“In however much, we had separated, there was as yet that piece of me I was like, how comes, for what reason did this occur, why didn’t he give personal time. We were youthful and innocent yet we had our arrangements. I was discouraged and had such a huge amount to handle,” she added.

Diana recognized that Bahati was unguarded with her and enlightened her concerning his child’s mother and their little girl prior to starting their relationship.

“I met my significant other not long after Mama Mueni had isolated from him. We have never had a discussion as it was hard and difficult,” Diana said.

Yvette on moving on

According to Yvette, the aggravation of experiencing a disaster while as yet observing her strategy for getting around parenthood was hard however she says she could never again clutch somebody she didn’t cherish anymore.

“I let it go yet it required investment, three to four years to move past everything and to excuse both of you,” she said.


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