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Weasel threatens to drag Buchaman's wife to court

Weasel threatens to drag Buchaman’s wife to court

Good Lyf staying half, Douglas Sseguya Mayanja, a.k.a Weasel Manizo, isn’t content with associate, Buchaman’s better half, Mama Ghetto, as strain for battering bae, Sandra Teta mounts.

Apparently, Mama Ghetto genuine name, Claire Selina Nangajja, is one of the impressive women’s activists who are working enthusiastically to have Weasel brought to book over supposed abusive behavior at home against Sandra Teta.

About a fortnight back, Weasel ended up in a sharp corner after photographs of his battered accomplice in energy, with a disfigured face, got spilled onto the web. The public picked revenue and approached specialists to research and tame or drastically limit the pony center voice beggar assuming he is for sure the one behind the wreck. Daniella Atim, spouse of Weasel’s senior brother, Jose Chameleone, through vast posts on her Instagram page, enhanced a mission to have his in-regulation pressed, in any case, and furthermore pushed for Sandra’s ‘justice’.

Taking no detainee, Daniella went an additional mile to pen down an extensive letter to hubby’s mum, Prossy Mayanja, in which she blamed her for continuously concealing for her rambunctious sons.

In a similar letter, Daniella, to some degree opened the cover that really, Mama Ghetto was the one taking care of her with data about Sandra’s battering.

Dear mother-in – regulation, you and I realize this is Sandra’s head after stitches.

This one time she had boldness and answered to police with the support of a portion of her companions who incorporate @maamaghetto. In any case, you dear mom worked her out of it ,you worked her out of it and told her she can’t do that to the dad of her children… “ Daniella’s letter peruses in parts.

READ MORE: Daniella pens extensive letter to Weasel’s mom, Prossy Mayanja, in which she blames and blames her for concealing for her rambunctious sons

On perusing the letter, Weasel, who says he had cautioned Mama Ghetto to quit intruding in his family issues, snatched the telephone and called Buchaman to converse with ‘Rasta’ and remind her to avoid his rough relationship. The seething 2013 BET Award candidate reminded Buchaman how he has hustled with his bae, Sandra.

“Yo Rasta, waguan… Bambi Rasta I called you last time, thinking I was conversing with a Lion, who could exhortation his Lioness to quit intruding in my family undertakings. Be that as it may, I think your significant other is rather the Lion. Advise your significant other to leave my loved ones! She doesn’t have the foggiest idea how far we have come. She has no idea about my significant other and I likewise don’t have any acquaintance with her. I don’t for even a moment care who she is,” the dreadlocked star seethes in a released recorded voice note.

Listen to the recorded voice note below;



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