2020 organisers on Monday rolled out the motto for this year’s Olympics,
“United by Emotion”, which they said reflected the “universal
values” and “unifying power of sport”.

“Crowds of spectators who do not know each other prior
to the Games will come together and learn that there is more that unites them
than divides them,” Tokyo 2020 said as it unveiled the motto.

The official Olympic motto is “Citius, Altius,
Fortius” or “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, but each host city
chooses its own motto to accompany that edition of the Games.

London’s motto in 2012 was “Inspire a Generation”,
whereas Athens in 2004 went for “Welcome Home” — a nod to the
birthplace of the Games in Olympia.

Less well-received was Sochi, which plumped for “Hot.
Cool. Yours”, sparking derision in some quarters.

Tokyo said the motto would be beamed onto the Skytree tower
in the Japanese capital to raise awareness as it will be seen for miles around.

The opening ceremony will be on July 24 and organisers have
stressed there is no discussion about changing this date despite the coronavirus
crisis hitting global transport.

Tokyo 2020 roll-outs have not always been smooth. In
September 2015, the Games logo was ditched after accusations of plagiarism.

Designer Olivier Debie said the design was stolen from his
logo for a Belgian theatre and threatened court action before officials
withdrew the emblem, saying it “no longer has public support”.


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