Part of Team Kenya members pose in their official kit for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on August 8, 2021. [TEAM KENYA]

Remember when the Team Kenya outfit was unveiled and how there was a social media outcry on how Nike had designed an ugly outfit?

That is not the case though at the Tokyo Olympics.

While at a presser with World Athletics president Seb Coe, the Briton said the outfit was very popular in Tokyo. “My kids told me I should get them this outfit. That it is very cool,” Coe said. He told the Kenyan journalists they should ask people around the Olympics Stadium what they feel about the outfit. It seems the outfit was not bad after all as Kenyans made it look.

Weapons: Japan police not showing off big guns

Police here in Tokyo are always seen with pistols that are kept in holsters, safely tucked in their belts. For the 14 days I have been in Tokyo, I am yet to meet police walking the streets carrying some AK-47s or other sophisticated guns. Even at night, you will not find police walking the streets stopping people as they carry huge guns. It does not matter  what time of the night it is. It is still rare to find police on the streets. Back home in Kenya though, you know what the story is. Police in the streets look like they are on a gun show off, never mind them asking where you are going.

Food: Six slices of bread cost Sh150

If you thought Tokyo is cheap, then think again. I went into a supermarket the other night to buy bread and got one which was packaged in six slices. When I reached the counter to pay for it I was shocked when it showed 150 Japanese yen. That is roughly Sh148.92. Back home that should be enough to buy at least two full loaves with some change. When bread went up to Sh55 in Nairobi, I was worried, but after spending that much in Tokyo, it has made me think otherwise. The only consolation with the Tokyo bread though is that it tastes much better and the slices are bigger.  


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