Horace Grant (ball in hand) with the Chicago Bulls in Miami December 3, 1993 [COURTESY]

Former winger Horace Grant, winner of three NBA titles with Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls, castigated “the lies” told by the basketball legend in “The Last Dance”, which he does not consider a documentary, Tuesday at ESPN microphone.

“I would say it was entertaining, but we, the teammates who were there, know that roughly 90% of what is said there is phony compared to reality,” said Grant.

“This is not the reality, because many of the things that (Jordan) said to some of his teammates” resulted from “responses” to him. “But it was all sort of cut to the editing of the documentary, if you want to call it a documentary,” he added.

Grant returned to Jordan’s allegation that he was one of the key sources in the book “The Jordan Rules”, which focused on the 1990-1991 season of the Bulls from the inside, focusing on Jordan’s sometimes belligerent attitude in the locker room.

“Lie, lie, lie,” said Grant. “If MJ is mad at me, let’s settle it like men. Let’s talk about it or settle it differently. But again and again, he brings out this lying thing by saying that I was the source.”

Although the former Bulls admitted to being “friends” with the author of the book, journalist Sam Smith, he insisted that he had always protected the “sanctity of the locker room” and that he had never “revealed anything” about what was going on there.

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On the ESPN microphone, Grant, on the other hand, criticized Jordan’s behavior towards young players on the Bulls team, accusing him of physical and verbal violence.

“The Last Dance”, co-produced by the star, tells, among other things, the well-known episode of the punch given to Steve Kerr, now Golden State coach, during an altercation in training.

Grant said he had refused to be intimidated by Jordan. He “thought he could dominate me, but he was wrong. Because every time he approached me, I went to meet him right away.”

“But when it comes to Will Perdue, Steve Kerr and young Scott Burrell, it was heartbreaking to see a leader attack them like that,” said Grant, referring to “punches and things like that.” that were unnecessary. ”


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