Home Entertaiment Swangz Avenue’s Newkid, Zafaran Drops “Sweet Heart” Sinlge

Swangz Avenue’s Newkid, Zafaran Drops “Sweet Heart” Sinlge

Swangz Avenue's Newkid, Zafaran Drops
Swangz Avenue's Newkid, Zafaran Drops "Sweet Heart" Sinlge

Swangz Avenue’s newcomer, Zafaran has released her debut single.

Afflicted with the title “sweetheart”, she sings about the love she has for her beautiful lover. The track is set to an easy beat and accompanied by flute sounds that play in the background.

In this simple and vibrant music video, Zafaran wears traditional attire to show the image of a proud African artist and make the video enthralling.

The song was composed by Dokta Brain and produced by Bomba and the film was produced by Gabriel Kyambadde.

The soft-voiced singer signed with the huge label in March and has released her debut video for her romantic love ballad.

About Swangz Avenue

According to Wikipedia, Swangz Avenue is an audio and film production company in Uganda. As a record company, The recording label is more lined with projects for music production artists management and distribution via digital media as well as music publishing and event management.

Check out this video.


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