Kinsey Wolanski ran onto the pitch during Liverpool’s 2-0 win over Tottenham [COURTESY]

Kinsey Wolanski has toasted the second anniversary of her infamous Champions League final pitch invasion.

The Instagram model hit the headlines back in 2019, when she made it past security during the first half of the showpiece between Liverpool and Tottenham.

Wolanski, wearing a revealing black swimsuit, managed to elude security and ran onto the field of play among bewildered players from both sides.

The Russian swimwear model risked the wrath of stewards in order to promote her prankster boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s website ‘Vitaly Uncenscored’.

She did spend around five hours in a holding cell at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, before being released sometime after Liverpool lifted the trophy for the sixth time.

The publicity stunt worked to perfection with reports it earned the brand around £3million in revenue and a remarkable 32 million new users.

Two years on from that notorious moment, Wolanski has posted an image to her personal Instagram account with stewards carrying her off the pitch and Tottenham midfielder Harry Winks looking on.

The image was accompanied with the caption: “Two years ago today…time flies when you’re having fun.”

She claimed after the incident that some of the winning Liverpool players had sent her messages, telling the Sun: “I’m not revealing any names, but a couple of the Liverpool players did send me private flirty messages after I streaked the game.

“One sent some heart emojis and the other one a message saying, ‘I saw you at the game’.

“I honestly didn’t even know who they were until I clicked on their profiles. I didn’t respond though as I already have a boyfriend.”

Following the streak, Wolanski’s popularity went through the roof earning her millions of followers across social media.

And recently, in an interview with Names Magazine, she admitted that the reaction had even taken her by surprise.

The Russian swimwear model caused had the game halted briefly in the first half [Courtesy]

“I definitely wasn’t prepared for what was to follow that game,” she said earlier this year.

“But going into it I was excited to push things to the limit and see where it would go as I love living life to the fullest!

“I’m very thankful for that experience as it grew my platform that I now have to share and connect with a wider audience across the world.”

Her passion for outrageous stunts has shown few signs of slowing down in the years since.

In March of last year, she informed followers that she had broken her ankle after a skydiving attempt went badly wrong.

Along with a video which saw her falling through the sky, Wolanski revealed the extent of her injuries.

She wrote: “For all those asking how I broke my ankle. It was a really windy day skydiving and I dropped 20ft straight onto my ankle on the landing.”

That came just weeks after she gatecrashed the Alpine skiing World Cup with a ‘tribute’ to the late Kobe Bryant.


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