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Statement by Hon Minister Mutsvangwa on Cont Mhlanga

The Herald

Cont Mhlanga knew the worth of artistic expressions to humankind, country building and civilization.

He utilized artistic expressions to break each type of obstruction be it statement of faith, clan, variety, religion, orientation or racial.

Arts are the string that weaves together the spirit of mankind in time starting with one age then onto the next. Simultaneously in space across locales and continents.

He realized expressions live in human imagination. He vigorously, deliberately and carefully buckled down. He mined diamonds in human imaginative gift and cleaned them for the pleasures and miseries of the spirit as society moves along.

Along the manner in which vocations found food of livelihoods.

Salute to Cont Mhlanga from the performers, the entertainers and their chiefs and every one of the people who get by on the arts.

Source: www.herald.co.zw

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