Nyayo stadium , Kasarani [photo courtesy]

Confederation of African Football (CAF) on Friday banned Kenya’s two main stadiums, Kasarani and Nyayo, from hosting international matches.

This is after both stadiums were subjected to an intense inspection exercise ahead of the upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup qualifiers but failed to meet the required standards.

“Reference to the inspection visit conducted by Caf, we regret to inform you that the stadium did not meet the set minimum Caf stadium requirements and consequently will not be approved for the qualifying matches of the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 matchday five and six,” read a letter from Caf.

The new directive means Kenya will have to host matches abroad, as the two stadiums failed to meet inspection requirements.

Nyayo Stadium, which has undergone millions-worth of upgrades recently, was handed a temporary reprieve after Caf allowed the staging of two games in the stadium.

Although Nyayo Stadium has been given temporary approval, only the Harambee Stars can use it as Tusker and Gor Mahia will not be allowed to host their Caf Confederation Cup games at the Nairobi facility.

In the Caf report, Standard Sports established that some areas of the Kasarani failed to meet some basic criteria like adequate floodlights for night games, substandard referee dressing rooms and a below-par facility committed to first aid in addition to lack of a modern media center.

Below are some of the highlighted issues;

-The pitch is in poor condition. Overall pitch condition must be improved, and the surface must be levelled, green and marked clearly in white; Markings on the pitch should be symmetric all over the field of play

– The floodlights capacity is around 500 Lux. For evening matches, ensure that the floodlights LUX capacity is according to the CAF match requirements: A minimum of 1200 Lux should be provided all over the pitch, covering uniformly every area of the playing field

– All the current teams and referees dressing rooms need a full upgrade and renovation.

– The teams and officials dressing rooms are not up to the standard for professional footballers use. It needs general maintenance, renovation, and appropriate high standard equipment. Consider demolishing the current dressing rooms and toilets, and build new ones.

– The stadium must be equipped with a dedicated room for first aid and medical treatment of players

– Seats for spectators must be individual, fixed (e.g. to the floor), separated from one another, shaped, numbered, made of an unbreakable and non-flammable material, and have a backrest of a minimum height of thirty (30) cm when measured from the seat

– Spectator stands need general maintenance, painting and cleaning, followed by installation of individual fixed seats in all sectors

– The stadium must be equipped with refreshment and catering facilities for all spectators in every sector of the stadium

– There is no media centre available in the stadium; Media Centre to be created in are n.4 in the stadium; The stadium must have a modern Media Centre available and should be equipped with the following: § Desks, power supply, phone/internet connections and television must be provided for media representatives.


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