Reason why Premier League players are forming an 'A' sign with their hands after scoring
October 3, 2020 Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell celebrates scoring their first goal Pool via REUTERS

The reason behind an ‘A’ hand gesture made by several Premier League players last weekend has been revealed.

Some football fans questioned the meaning of the celebration gesture as it was not clear why players from different Premier League clubs were making an ‘A’ shape.

Ross Barkley, Jack Grealish and Ben Chilwell were part of players who celebrated by forming an ‘A’ with their fingers after scoring.

Grealish and Barkley both celebrated their goals in Aston Villa’s 7-2 thrashing of Liverpool by forming an A with their fingers.

Blues star Ben Chilwell doing the same in their 4-0 win over Crystal Palace on Saturday.

The meaning of the gesture was to pay tribute to late devoted Chelsea fan Andrew ‘Woody’ Wood who died on October 1 leaving behind wife Hayley and sons Joe and Nicholas.

Cesar Azpilicueta, Frank Lampard and John Terry, also took to social media to pay tribute the 33-year-old.


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