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Foreigner Killed in Nairobi Robbery Incident After Night Out With Girlfriend

Outsider Killed in Nairobi Robbery Incident After Night Out With Girlfriend

Detectives in Nairobi have sent off a manhunt for a pack that shot and killed a Slovenian public in a burglary occurrence along Mombasa Road in Nairobi on Tuesday night.

Peter Virag, 56 was shot in the chest and kicked the bucket on the spot during a showdown with the burglars, police and witnesses said.

The perished was in the organization of a lady said to be his better half and their driver when they were gone after at around midnight.

Reports show they were getting back to Great Wall lofts in Mlolongo following a night out at the Imaara Mall.

The driver and the sweetheart said after they left a club at the shopping center they traveled for a couple of kilometers along Mombasa Road and halted at the assistance path around the Cabanas region. This was to permit Virag to assume control over the vehicle and delivery the driver to go to his home in Embakasi.

During the handover, the sweetheart left to assuage herself. As Virag and the driver hung tight for her, two equipped men arose and defied the outsider, requesting cash and versatile phones.

The perished supposedly opposed and tossed his wallet into the secondary lounge of the vehicle as he attempted to ward off the gang.

The lady returned and observed the burglary progressing as the driver argued for leniency from the gang.

During the showdown, one of the shooters lethally shot Virag. The group carried off his cell phone, Sh86,000 that was in his wallet, and the cell phones of both the lady and driver.

The lady likewise lost her satchel to the pack. The observers told police they attempted to manage medical aid to the departed in vain.

Police noted they were cautioned about the occurrence by a transporter. They visited the scene and recuperated a vacant gun magazine.

No captures have been made yet examinations are still ongoing.

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