Nairobi: Wife to senior police officer shoots daughter and herself in attempted suicide

Crime scene do not cross jpg Crime scene do not cross

A wife of a senior police officer in Nairobi is nursing a gunshot wound after allegedly shooting herself and her daughter in an attempted suicide.

According to the police report, the woman attempted to commit suicide after a domestic quarrel with her husband on Sunday March 31, 2024.

Police further explained that after a heated argument, the woman went to the bedroom and picked her husband’s pistol.

She was armed with a Jericho pistol that had an extra magazine of 30 bullets during the incident.

When the woman drew the gun to her chest in a suicide attempt, her daughter jumped on her, stopping her from killing herself.

The fifteen-year-old girl was shot and injured during the incident.

At the same time, a stray bullet hit her mother on the chest and exited through the back.

Meanwhile, she was rushed to hospital together with her daughter by residents who intervened to save their lives.

However police have launched investigations after taking the pistol that was used during the shoot out.

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