Motorsport: Spectator place for Hill Climb event today
Former rally driver Bruce Field power slides his Raid Rally car during the round 2 of the Chloride Exide Hillclimb race last month. [Standard Sports]

A special spectator place will be available for the fans when the next round of the Chloride Exide-sponsored Hill Climb competition kicks off this morning.

Spectators will have a special venue for watching the machines in action. They will be charged Sh500 for Daily pass and Sh1000 for Weekend pass. Children under 14years will watch the action for free.

“There will be a Spectators Mess area where live lap results — “King of Hill” — will be relayed, displayed on a notice board. Spectators can come in and out of venue at any time during the event.

Spectator access is not in the way of the competition route,” said Gurvir Bhabra, the Event Director.

Hill Climb is a unique sport and a great way into motorsport, where each car and driver try to set the quickest time up the steep hills. Hill Climbs allows a large variety of cars to compete, ranging from motorbikes, quads, buggies and modified rally cars. 

The event is geared to give spectators unique value.

The Hill Climb is a lapped event, unlike a traditional rally setup.


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