Jasmeet Chana prepares his Evolution 10m car well in time for the KCB Machakos rally. [Courtesy]

Barely two months after successfully hosting this year’s rally, Kenya has started preparations for the 2022 World Rally Championship.

WRC Safari Rally Clerk of the Course Gurvir Bhabra said it is important to start early to be able to overcome minor mistakes and renovation of stages.

 “We need to make sure we are able to correct any mistakes which were noticed in this year’s WRC Safari Rally. Some of the stages are worn out and need grading as part of our major assignments.”

“In total there will be 10 stages out of which nine will be done twice,’’ said Gurvir Bhabra, the Clerk of the Course for the WRC Safari Rally.

With reference to suggestions by rally fans why the Safari Rally is not spread across the nation, Bhabra was quick to respond to the suggestions saying it was impossible to move out of Naivasha for the time being.

“We need at least 1000 beds in hotels which are within sight of the Safari Rally Headquarters. At the moment there are only three places nationwide that can accommodate this. It is Naivasha, Nairobi and Mombasa. The Government has invested heavily in the Service Park which again is very attractive,’’ explained Bhabra.

He added that the stages are also within sight of a Service Park to make the competition easily managed.

For medication evacuation, the medical team in a helicopter does not have to spend more than 60 minutes to reach a hospital. This is one of the FIA rules that one has to face to host a WRC event.

The latest recce was carried out in the Toyota Hilux Pickups which have been donated by Toyota Kenya.

Both Bhabra and Anwar Sidi, the Safari Rally Route Coordinator, used the pickup in the latest mission to inspect the stages.

Both the senior officials of the WRC Safari Rally expressed satisfaction with the Toyota Hilux Pickups

“We are very happy with the vehicles. They made our trip and mission comfortable.’’


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