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MakGuildRace: Makerere University ANT Chapter Endorses Isaiah Mpiirwomugisha as Party Flag Bearer

MakGuildRace: Makerere University ANT Chapter Endorses Isaiah Mpiirwomugisha as Party Flag Bearer

The political intensity is ascending at Uganda’s chief college as Guild decisions close in.

With the expanded need to change the norm, Makerere University Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) section is working like the devil to paint the slope purple.

The Chapter leader refocused yesterday and took an essential action towards the electing system by fronting an up-and-comer they accept will address the faction.

A one Isaiah Mpiirwomugisha was affirmed as the ANT banner carrier in the impending Guild Presidential race.

Isaiah’s underwriting was affirmed on 27th June, 2022, by the Chapter’s Speaker, Omaria Emma Oitebe.

“In reference to the section letter dated 24th June 2022 welcoming all intrigued part individuals to apply for the section primaries through which our banner carrier will be chosen, it is just Mpiirwomugisha Isaiah, a third year understudy of Bachelor of science in land financial aspects from the school of fabricated climate, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) and an occupant of University Hall who satisfied the prerequisites according to the Makerere society political race guidelines of 2018 as corrected, Therefore he will be the party banner conveyor for the impending organization political decision,” Oitebe revealed.

Isaiah Mpiirwomugisha was a nothing unexpected pick for his party as he has been a long serving part to ANT all through Makerere University.

Isaiah carries with him abundance of political experience to the race having taken part in the 2021 General races as a Parliamentary contestant.

Makerere University is set to hold the current year’s Guild Presidential races very quickly (July 8) and various camps are startegizing on the most proficient method to snatch triumph.

Makerere University ANT Chapter has in this manner tracked down a ploy in Isaiah to carry triumph to the ‘purple party.’




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