Master Mahir Omar poses next to his score target after classifier. [photo courtesy]

Mahir Omar’s dream of fitting into his father’s shoes in the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) shooting came alive on Thursday evening after he was pronounced Master, in the 5×5 classifier that happened at the Kirigiti shooting range,

Mahir shot 25 rounds on target in a time of 17.52 seconds raw time and one point down to earn him a total of 18.52 seconds and an automatic entry into Master class.

It was after competing in the IDPA championships 2021 as an CCP Expert that Mahir who had always salivated for the master status seized the moment and classified.

The event that was officiated by Master Ibrahim Ndungu (Primary Safety Officer) and Master Mohammed Omar (Secondary safety officer), saw the 22-year-old young gun make history by becoming the 10th master in the country, and the youngest in East and Central Africa.

 “I could say I’m one of the lucky ones because I have done it in less than 3 years. However this certainly proves that hard work pays off,” Mahir said.

“The whole experience was shocking but very thrilling at the same time. I wouldn’t have done it without my dad and the support I have gotten from my family and friends.

“When you pray to Allah and he’s by your side, nothing is impossible.”

Mahir got involved in shooting sports when he was only 15 and used to follow his father Mohammed Omar to the shooting range.

Reacting to Mahir’s Master status, his father Master Mohammed Omar had nothing but kind word for his son.

“I am proud of him. As a parent I will always be there for him whether in coaching or on any other platform or occasion. At his level right now we have become training partners. He guides me and I guide him,” Said Mohammed Omar

It happens that Master Mohammed Omar’s Classifier score in 2018, done at the same venue was not so different from that of his son.

Master Mahir Omar at Kirigiti shooting range. [photo courtesy]

In his moment, Omar hit 17.10 seconds raw time plus one point down to earn him a score of 18.10 seconds. A difference of 0.42 milliseconds with that of his son Mahir.

Mahir is not swimming in this glory alone. He has compatriots who equally recently earned the coveted Master status elevating the number to 10 in the country.

They include Master Ashu Sennik, Master Samuel Chacha and Master Thomas Kiilu all who classified at the Bamburi Rifle Club and Kirigiti shooting ranges respectively.


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