Kenya gets nod to proceed with the IDPA Africa championships 2021
IDPA Africa President Dr Vivian Whatley inspecting the Kirigiti shooting range ahead of the Africa Championships. [Photo: Courtesy]

IDPA’s International Point of Contact in Africa Dr Vivian Whatley has given Kenya a clean bill of health to proceed with the preparations to host the upcoming Africa championships in Kenya in September.

Speaking to The Standard Sport,  after touring the 14 bay Kirigiti shooting range, Mr Whatley said he is impressed with Kenya’s state of preparedness to host the championship.

“The reason I’m here is to promote IDPA in Kenya and by extension the upcoming African championship set to be held in Kenya.”

“All stages meet the IDPA requirements; the side walls and backstops are very good and safe for an International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) shooter to shoot down range,” said Vivian.

 It’s Vivian’s first time in Kenya and Kirigiti range, and he said he loves the place and will be coming back in September to take part in the African champs.

Accompanying Mr Whatley was Colonel Justin Odhiambo Khaduli from the Firearms Licensing board who promised a swift expedition in the facilitation of import and export permits, and temporary permits for all foreign shooters coming to take part in the championship.

Kenya gets nod to proceed with the IDPA Africa championships 2021
Dr and Mrs Vivian Whatley centre with NGAO Kenya officials. [Photo: Courtesy]

“We have various shooting clubs in the country and we are working together with them on the upcoming African championship that will be happening in Kenya in September.”

“We expect a big contingent from Africa and beyond. We shall give them the support they require in terms of import, export and end-user so that they have all their equipment available in Kenya on time,” said Khaduli.

On his part, NGAO-Kenya chairman Mr Martin Chengo thanked the IDPA Africa boss for endorsing Kenya as host of the 2021 African championship and welcomed all shooting clubs in the country to take part.

We have put in a lot of time and work, and we feel we are ready to host the Africa championships. NGAO-K  Secretary General Amos Kimaru said.

“This coming Saturday’s event will be a curtain-raiser of what is expected to happen in September,” Kimaru added.


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