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Deputy IGP  directs commanders to take “stern” action against churches, bars over noise pollution
Deputy IGP Directs Commanders To take “Stern” Action Against Churches, Bars Over Noise pollution -Uganda

Deputy IGP Directs Commanders To take “Stern” Action Against Churches, Bars Over Noise pollution -Uganda

The newly appointed deputy IGP in Uganda has directed police commandants to take tough action against places of worship, pubs, and other places with excessive noise levels.

“What happens to the rest of the people who are sleeping or who are exhausted and could pass out if you keep playing that loud music? I’m liaising with regional police administrators, including DPCs and RPCs, to ensure that this regulation is followed “On Friday, Maj Gen Katsigazi stated the Deputy IGP.

The appointed police chief, speaking to the press in his most remembered position, said that recently, the uproar levels have increased both during the day and around the time after trustworthy specialists set their guns down in permitting the fundamental laws.

He noted that the responsibility of enforcing the legislation regarding commotion contamination has been delegated to climate policy, but that these officers cannot be present everywhere.

“Noise levels are particularly high in the evenings and during the day. Individuals are no longer concerned about their neighbours. They crank up the volume on the music. The existence of regulation is due to the fact that governments have sound levels. This should be handled by NEMA and the KCCA, but this has been ruled out. There are a growing number of clamour sources, such as bars, temples, diversion zones, and a few residences and parties.”

In any case, Maj Gen Katsigazi has noted that the police have begun to take tough measures against lawbreakers in the area of commotion pollution.

“One of these days, if you play loud music, we will pay you a visit and take action. If you don’t require it, follow the law by listening to music that is relative. Uganda has its own set of rules. This isn’t an unruly culture where you can wake up and play clearly music. We’re going to disturb you for the sake of the public good. This is an admonition that you should be aware of before we properly uphold it.”

A number of temples, notably those for the resurrected, have been blamed for commotion contamination during their night rites due to a few instances.

Many have been portrayed as distant by members of the public who blame them for not thinking about their neighbours on a regular basis.

The local police chief said on Friday that the crackdown on noisy polluters will also target churches.

“I’m not sure why chapel is immune from the same laws that apply to everyone else. The congregation is a regulated organization in this country, and there are no exemptions for the congregation. Except that it isn’t true (that holy sites are immune from the laws that apply to everyone else). I’m not going to make my own rules. Who said sacred places had to supplicate music over their voices in order for God to hear them? God is not deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen”


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