Brian Chira Ghost haunting Mp

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Langata MP Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, has regretted not being able to help the late TikToker Brian Chira when he needed him.

In an interview, Jalas said Chira had made a video requesting his (Jalas) help, but the MP did not see it until the TikToker died.


“It really pains me that after Chira’s death, I saw a video of him saying Jalang’o I need your help. I saw it after his death because that is when so many people tagged me. How I wish I had seen it before he died,” Jalas regretted.



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From Chira’s death, Jalang’o says he learnt that people will celebrate you in death but not when you are alive.


“I would have had a chat with him to know what he wanted. It really pains me that I saw the video too late,” the MP added.


He advised content creators and artists to prepare for good and bad times and warned them that they are seasonal as better people than them will always come up.


Jalang’o referenced content creator Crazy Kennar, saying right now he (Jalas) cannot compete with Kennar because he is on top of his game.


He said the same happens in politics where today you are a sitting MP, and tomorrow someone else dethrones you.


“Be prepared during the rain season and during the dry season. You should always be prepared for the different seasons,” Jalas further said.


Chira was killed in a grisly road accident when a speeding lorry allegedly knocked him down as he left an entertainment joint.


His death saw TikTokers unite and raise millions of shillings for his send-off and to support his grieving grandmother.


Chira was a troubled content creator who courted controversy online, but many showed him love when he died.

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