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Best Childcare Schools in Dar es salaam

Every parent wants his or her child to receive the best education possible from the right childcare so that he or she can prepare for school. To accomplish this, parents search for the best schools possible, beginning at the nursery level, where students learn the most valuable skills and knowledge according to circular guidelines. This article lists the best childcare schools in Dar es salaam according to their rankings.

What To Consider When Choosing Childcare School.

Child care schools handle kids who need strict monitoring for their safety, therefore their areas we need to focus on before applying for admission to any school. It would be great if you go with your child to give him an opportunity to also contribute to the choices below is the key factor to look into first.


Personnel, fences, and the surrounding regions must all be part of a well-established security system at the schools. Choosing a daycare with a proven security system helps protect your children from threats such as kidnapping and bodily harm.


For easy access and supervision of your child, the facility must be close to your home or workplace.

Staff-to-Children Ratio

In general, youngsters require more attention. A low staff-to-child ratio at the daycare means the kid is likely to miss out. In other words, with a good staff-to-child ratio, each child may receive more customized attention, which may be beneficial if your child works best in small groups.

First impression

When picking a daycare first impression, trust your first impression. Making a good first impression is critical. Most of the time, when you believe something is wrong, it isn’t.

Curriculum and Organization

Today, there are a variety of childcare curriculums. Do your research and choose one that suits your child’s “academic” or “developmental” requirements. Every institution has its schedule, structure, and activities, so be sure you know what to expect each day. Ask questions and find out what each institution does to help your children become ready for school because you are laying a foundation for learning that will last a lifetime!

Best Childcare Schools in Dar es salaam

In light of the above factors, we consider the following institutions to be the greatest on our list.

Salham Kindergarten & Daycare

Location: Magole Bus Stop

P.O.BOX: 5357 255

Contact: +255 692 198 567


  • Bright Hope Schools
  • White Rose Pre and Primary School
  • Mecepp Daycare and Preschool
  • Goba Stars Daycare and Nursery School
  • Elevate International Day Care Centre

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