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Alfred Keter primaries win surprises aspirants, Nandi Hills voters Image: RIGATHI GACHAGUA FACEBOOK
Alfred Keter primaries win surprises aspirants, Nandi Hills voters Image: RIGATHI GACHAGUA FACEBOOK

Alfred Keter primaries win surprises aspirants, Nandi Hills voters

Nandi Hills MPP Alfred Keter beat a host of candidates to take the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket on the nominations on Tuesday.

This was the case when Prof. Phylis Bartoo was nominated for a second time for the position in Moiben, Uasin Gishu County.

Keter’s win was a surprise to many since the majority of local UDA officials had a campaign against him.

Keter was waiting for around seven hours before he was granted the interim certificate while he prepares to stand for the third time.

The MP received 10,273 votes, while his closest opponent, Bernard Kitur, managed 7,468 votes.

As soon as Keter was announced who was the victor, Keter along with his supporters was able to take over the tallying centre for the constituency.

The official responsible for the return of the constituency Dismas Kipkoech released the final results at 10 pm when the official declared Keter as the UDA candidate for the Nandi Hills parliamentary race.

“I salute our nominee for the UDA party for the Nandi Hills constituency Mr Alfred Keter. Keter has been awarded the fair and free nomination and we believe that he will win this seat to the UDA party at the August elections,” Kipkoech said amid the cheers of supporters.

The celebrations were ended when the county’s returning officer Veronica Kiberenge, announced that the interim certificate was not yet ready and demanded Keter to hold off until the next day.

There were protests by supporters of the MP who did not agree with the concept. The county’s returning officer informed them that they had requested that the document be sent out from the offices of the party in Nairobi.

“Nothing can be changed. The results of the nomination will remain as they were. There was a delay getting the nomination documents but they will be released when it’s handed over,” said Kiberenge.

Keter said there was a plot to deny him his nomination certificate.

His supporters and the MP were camped in front of the tallying centre, waiting for the award of the certificate.

“We can’t leave without the certificate. Officials from the party confirm my findings, and we’re just waiting for that certificate. I’m not in any rush to leave in any way,” Keter said.

Who is Alfred Keter

According to kenyaCradle, Alfred Keter is a Kenyan politician who is the current Member of Parliament (MP) for the Nandi Hills district in Nandi county. He is an official of the United Republican Party (URP) as well as a coalition member of the Jubilee Alliance. Daily Nation



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