Afghan footballer dies in fall from plane at Kabul [photo courtesy]

An Afghan national team footballer died in a fall from a U.S. plane at Kabul airport on Monday, the Afghan news agency Ariana said on Thursday.

Crowds of people seeking to flee Aghanistan have thronged the airport since Taliban insurgents swept to power on Sunday, many seen trying to board a moving plane.

People latching onto a moving US Air Force plane at Kabul airport as they desperately try to flee Afghanistan [photo courtesy]

Ariana said Zaki Anwari fell from a USAF Boeing C-17 and that the death had been confirmed by the General Directorate for Sport.

His remains were found in the wheel when it landed in Qatar.
According to video clips posted by a local news agency, three Afghan nationals fell to death while attempting the same.
Notably, Anwari represented the Afghanistan national youth football team.

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Thousands of Afghans have tried to flee

In the past few days, thousands of Afghans have tried to flee after the Taliban stormed the capital Kabul on Sunday. Witnesses at the Kabul airport stated that at least 12 people have been killed so far.

Chaotic scenes unfolded at the airport as several rushed to flee Afghanistan. Visuals from the scene also showed bodies lying on the ground at the airport.


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