12 things you didn't know about Windsor Golf Club's Riz Charania
Local golfer Riz Charania training at Golf Park Ngong Racecourse on March 11, 2021 ahead of the Magical Kenya Open 2021. [Stafford Ondego, Standard]

Windsor golfer Rizwan Charania is among the 13 local pros taking part in the ongoing Magical Kenya Open at the Karen Golf and Country Club in Nairobi.

The 37-year-old has never missed any edition of the championship since his first qualification in 2005.

He is capitalising on experience and strategy to better his previous results in the tournament.

The Standard Sport takes a look at 12 things you didn’t know about this outspoken player. 

1. He’s a gooner

Riz, as he is popularly known among his peers, is a staunch Arsenal FC fan. Nothing can stop him from supporting the Gunners.

“Even if they drop to the third tier league, I’ll be with them,” he says. “Indeed, we have had some rough times in the Premier League but I would skin a Manchester United fan who belittles us,” he jokingly says.

2. Plays football to unwind

When not on the golf course hitting the fairways, you will find Riz in the football pitch. “I play football, it helps me to ‘detox’ from long sessions of golf.”

3. Highly extroverted

Riz hates anything that makes him stay in the house the whole day. He defeats anything that puts him behind a computer or locked up in the office for long hours. He can literally go mad if he remains at one spot for long.

He loves the outdoors; partying, travelling, meeting people and friends and just moving from point A to B.

“I’m that dude who would  take a walk just to stay away from the house. I’m lucky that my job entails me being outdoors.”

12 things you didn't know about Windsor Golf Club's Riz Charania
Riz Charania at the Ngong Racecourse Golf Park on March 11, 2021. [Stafford Ondego, Standard] 

4. He’s a good teacher

The player is very patient with people. He enjoys teaching beginners golf. “Actually, my main source of income is not from playing golf but from teaching the game.”

5. Has set up two golf academies

Riz is the man to contact if you want to learn how to play golf with ease. He has high level academies located at Wadi Degla and at his base at Windsor, both in Nairobi, where he imparts the skills to budding players.

“As golf pros we need to diversify and maximise our sources of income, apart from playing the game,” he advises.

6.Loves nyama choma

Nyama choma (roast beef) is Riz’s favourite food. He says he can clear a whole goat if it’s roasted properly to his taste.

“I also like kuku choma (roasted chicken) but kindly don’t give me veggies. Vegetables and I are like water and oil, we don’t mix.”

7. He is a party animal

Riz loves partying, but he’s not the kind of guy who parties next door. He chooses far and wide locations for partying and vacation.

“I love to party in Colombia. I also love United Kingdom during the summer. It is one of the best places to be. Locally, I love the Coast as it has one of the best sandy beaches in the world.”

8. Met his love in Colombia

Riz met his wife while on vacation in Colombia in 2015. It’s the best thing to have ever happened to his life.

“Colombia is a cool, nice country and people there are very friendly. “I would go there over and over again because Colombia has been nice to me.”

12 things you didn't know about Windsor Golf Club's Riz Charania
Windsor Golf and Country Club’s Riz Charania. [Mose Sammy, Standard]

9. Range Rover is his dream car

Riz hopes to own a Range Rover some day but he drives a Toyota Rav4.

10.No kids yet

Riz is yet to be blessed with children in his six-year marriage. He would prefer to have just two.

“Two is an ideal number for me so that we can have a four ball in the house with my wife playing,” he jokes.

11.Educated in the UK

Riz went to school in the United Kingdom. After high school, he took a gap year to perfect his golfing skills there. He is the only local pro with a Professional Golfers Association certificate which took him two years to complete in the UK.

12. Enjoys gin tonic

Take him to any bar, Riz will take the same drink which is gin and tonic and he doesn’t mix drinks while partying.


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